Large Kuba Helmet Mask, Congo

$ 2,800.00

  • Large Kuba Helmet Mask, Congo
  • The Kuba kingdom, which appeared in the 17th century, was one of the most flourishing in the territory of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It included, among others, the Bushoong, the Ndengese, the Lele (bashilele), the Kete
  • The Kuba developed a Court, Royal and Aristocratic Art Forms with a particular refinement.
  • Their works are well known, their textiles, the famous "Velvets of Kazai", their palm wine cups, their powder boxes, their masks, their whistles, their drums and their royal statues
  • Origin : DRC Congo
  • Material: Wood, vegetal fibers
  • Measurements: about 15 1/4 inches (wood only)
  • Condition: Medium
  • The stand display is NOT included