Kabyle Fine Enamel Diadem Crown

$ 3,500.00

  • Kabyle Fine Enamel Diadem Crown
  • Size approx. 21"
  • The Kabyle of Algeria are one of the groups of indigenous peoples of North Africa generally known as Berber. Jewelry with cloisonné enameling is one of their highly developed cultural expressions. Pieces are usually made of silver decorated with green, yellow and blue enamels and set with coral, colored glass and beads. Pendants, rings, bracelets, anklets, earrings and headdresses serve as a way of accumulating family wealth and often make up the largest share of a woman's dowry. The Kabyle region is known as a center of enameled jewelry. Unlike most other Berber jewelers, Kabyle artisans are predominantly Muslim. It is thought that their techniques came from Moorish Spain.