Jade Foo Dog Mother and Child with Corn Pendant

$ 36.00

  • Fine Jade carved Foo Dog or Foo Lion with Child.
  • In traditional Chinese Symbology, the Foo Dog/Lion is the Protector Guardian of Homes, Wealth and Entrances. This pendant portraying the Mother and Child theme represents Strength and Courage of Motherhood to Protect the Child or Loved One, and symbolizes the importance of a Nurturing Spirit and Encouraging Growth. 
  • The Mother and Child pair here are seen Protecting an Ear of Corn and a Coin; both symbols of Wealth and Harvesting of Opportunities. The pendant also might be interpreted as a Lucky Charm for Family Business and Prosperity within a Family Line. 
  • This beautiful Jade carving is rich translucent mottled white color with areas of Olive Green color.
  • Jade has always had a very special significance in Asia, comparable with that of Gold and Diamonds in the West. Today, this gemstone is regarded as a symbol of the good, the beautiful, and the precious. In folklore, Jade embodies the Confucian virtues of wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage, yet it also symbolizes the female-erotic. Jade is also believed to be a lucky stone, and encourages good health and prosperity. It is rumored that slipping a piece of Jade under one's pillow can enhance dreams. 
  • Measures Approx. L 1 5/8" x W 13/16"
  • Highly skilled Traditional Artisan hand carving from China.