Iolite Sri Lanka 2mm Faceted Rounds

$ 78.00 $ 46.80

  • Iolite Sri Lanka 2mm Faceted Rounds
  • Approx. 15.5" long
  • Sold by the strand. Price is for ONE STRAND ONLY.
  • Origin is Sri Lanka
  • The name Iolite comes from the Greek ios, which means violet.
  • The Vikings possibly mined Iolite crystals from deposits in Norway and Greenland. Viking sailors allegedly used Iolite as a polarizing filter to find the sun on cloudy days for a safe offshore navigation. The Viking sailors allegedly used thin pieces of Iolite as a lens, and the folklore surrounding this idea says they could determine the exact position of the sun on cloudy days, and navigate safely to their new worlds and back.
  • Iolite is a stone that forms most often with Granite, and is found mainly in Sri Lanka, India, and Burma.
  • It is associated in Folklore and Stone Lore with vision, both in terms of eyesight and intuition, as well as expression and clarity of emotions.