Igala Helmet Mask, Nigeria #828

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  • Igala Helmet Mask, Nigeria #828
  • These helmets are very rare on the market, because very little produced and in general before 1950.
  • These helmet masks are very difficult to make, because they are made of hard wood to withstand their use, but must be light so they are carved quite thin, not very thick, which is very complicated to make.
  • This one is old, probably 1st half of the last century, the sculpture is very fine and of high quality, it has a beautiful red and black patina, this mask has danced, wear and tear on the edge.
  • These helmets were used during a ceremony that ends a period of mourning. They are very often worn like a crest, above the dancer's head, which gives him an impressive size.
  • Measurements: 38×23×27 cm
  • Condition: Good