Handmade Greeting Card from Nepal ("Be Not Fearful" Buddha)

$ 3.50

  • Nepali handmade paper is made from the inner bark of a wild shrub locally known as "Lokta", a small woody plant of Laurel family.
    • The "Lokta Bush" is found at altitudes of 7,000 to 9,000 feet.
    • It is harvested in a manner similar to sugar cane, cutting it close to the base of the plant. The plant has a unique feature which allows it to regenerate to maturity again within 4 to 5 years after being cut.
    • The fibrous handmade paper is an important Nepali Handicraft and is valued for it's attractive texture, durability, strength and resistance to insects.
    • Each card comes with it's own handmade envelope.
    • Made in Nepal