Haitian Drapo Vodou Flag, "Erzulie Dantor"

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  • Haitian Drapo Vodou Flag, "Erzulie Dantor," Signed Valris.
  • The backwards signature and tambour technique suggest the flag was made by the wife and son of Georges Valris, Andremise and Brianvil.
  • Erzuli Freda is the Ioa of love, beauty, and purity; idea female. She is a flirtatious Creole woman who loves luxury, but weeps for her unrequited loves and unfulfilled  desires. She is also known to be spoiled and jealous. Homosexual men are said to be under her particular patronage. 
  • Materials Sequins on fabric.
  • Measurements: 31'' x 29'', (79 x 74 cm).