Grebo War / Conflict Mask, Liberia / Côte d'Ivoire #982

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  • Grebo Mask, Liberia / Côte d'Ivoire #982, of rectangular shield-like form, elongated fascial form, a protruding mouth, a slender very long nose, twelve tubular eyes, white pigments, the high forehead with a middle ridge; ochre and white patina.
  • Measurements: 92cm, height
  • Condition: Fair
  • TITLE: Grebo War Mask
  • COUNTRY: Liberia
  • DESCRIPTION: War Plank Mask
  • CEREMONY: Funeral; War Preparation
  • AGE: Mid 20th Century
    OTHER MATERIALS: raffia; wicker; cotton cloth; pigment; feathers; hardware; hair

    The Grebo people of Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire were formerly governed by a Chief-Priest who lived in near total isolation. Historically, they chipped their teeth to make them appear sharper and more ferocious. In modern times, Grebo Community Governance has become more fluid and tooth chipping is very rare.

    The Grebo historically used several types of Masks, some used for Adult Initiation or Religious Ceremonies. The most commonly seen is the War Mask, used by Warrior Societies and formed in the shape of a plank/ shield-like form with cylindrical eyes, numbering between two and twelve. The Mask is danced in preparation for War and at the Funerals of Warriors.