Fluorite 10mm Rounds Stretch Bracelet

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    • Fluorite 10mm Rounds Stretch Bracelet
    • Fits wrist size approx. 6.75"
    • Bead size approx. 10mm
    • Fluorite is a mineral with a range of brilliant colors from purple, blue, green, yellow, colorless, brown, and pink. Most specimens of Fluorite have a single color, but a significant percentage of Fluorites have multiple colors and the colors are arranged in bands or zones. Fluorite is a relatively soft stone which is easy to carve. The origin of the word Fluorite comes from the Latin verb to flow. Ancient Romans believed that drinking alcoholic beverages from vessels carved of Fluorite prevented drunkenness. Fluorite is also used as a source of fluorine for fluorinated water. It is rumored that Fluorite stones have a calming effect on the body.