Yaka Janus Khosi Magic Fetish, Congo

$ 5,850.00 $ 2,925.00

  • Yaka Janus Khosi Magic Figure, Congo #326
  • A carved wooden divination / Magic idol in Janus form with classic facial features, upturned nose and ceremonial cap, well handled surface.
  • Yaka peoples, DRC/ Congo
  • Measurements: 19 inches tall.
  • The Khosi is concerned with cursing and healing, and means “lion” or “ strong”. Northern Yaka khosi are typically double figures joined back to back, with janus-face, torso arms and legs. The sculpture does not exhibit any aggression and with their downcast eyes and tight gestures they belie their fearsome attributes. The Janus-form figure references basic social duality and also signifies an all-seeing capacity and general alertness of the power symbolized.
  • Provenance: Ex. George Ehrlich, NY; Ex. Jaque Hautelet, La Jolla, CA. ****Verbally authenticated by Dr. Arthur P. Bourgeois, world renowned expert on the Yaka Arts.