Akan Female Fertility Shrine Figure, Ghana #684

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  • Akan Female Fertility Shrine Figure, Ghana #684
  • West Africa, Ghana, Akan, Ashanti, or Fante people, ca. mid-20th century CE.
  • An impressive female statue hand-carved from wood and painted in kaolin and black pigments and adorned in glass beads. She rests on bent legs, arms resting above her knees holding implements- a mallet dowel and a black bell. She is nude save for her sandals and glass beaded jewelry that was added at various times throughout her existence. Around her neck is a strand of red and blue "snake" beads, tubular yellow beads around her ankles, square stone beads at her waist, and seed beads on her wrist. She has exposed conical breasts and a highly stylized visage and mushroom-shaped coiffure.
  • Measurements:: 6" L x 6" W x 19.5" H (15.2 cm x 15.2 cm x 49.5 cm); 20" H (50.8 cm) on included custom stand
  • Provenance: Private Collection; ex-Lynn Rosen collection, New York, New York USA