Ewe Venavi Twin Pair, Togo #450

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  • Venavi Twin Pair, Togo #450
  • Statuettes of Twins worship handmade from light-weight wood.
  • Among the Ewe, these representations are named Venavi, whereas they are named Hohovi among the Fon.
  • The Ewe live in a coastal area which extends through Ghana, Togo, Benin, until the Nigerian borders.
  • They practice twin worship, very similar to that of the Yoruba, and it is in this context that these statuettes are crafted, in very varied styles sometimes, depending on the influences of their neighbors (the Akan, in Ghana, the Yoruba in Nigeria...).
  • Measurements: Heights: 17.5 cm and 17 cm. (approx: 18×10×6 cm)
  • Condition: Good