Ewe Venavi Twin Figure, Togo #333

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  • Ewe Venavi Twin Figure, Togo #333
  • Statuettes destined to the Cult of Twins. Among the Ewe these representations are named Venavi, whereas they are named Hohovi among the Fon.
  • Venavi/ Hohov Figures are used by the Ewe and Fon Peoples similar to the Yoruba People in Nigeria who use Ibeji Twin Figurines, for Protection of Survivor/ Surviving Infant after Death of a Sibling Twin.
  • Some scholars maintain that they are also used as children's dolls as well as sometimes used as Fertility Dolls by Women who keep these Figures
  • under their mattresses, or were worn under the skirts of Young Women to ensure Fertility. Scarifications and added clothing and strings of beads reveal
  • Family and Clan Religious and Social Affiliations.
  • The Ewe live in a Coastal Area which extends through Ghana, Togo, Benin, up to the Nigerian Borders.
  • Measurements: 18×5×3 cm
  • Conidition: Fair; Wonderful old worn patina.