Ewe Venavi Twin Figure, Togo #332

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  • Ewe Venavi Twin Figure, Togo #332
  • Statuettes destined to the Cult of Twins. Among the Ewe these representations are named Venavi, whereas they are named Hohovi among the Fon.
  • Venavi/ Hohov Figures are used by the Ewe and Fon Peoples similar to the Yoruba People in Nigeria who use Ibeji Twin Figurines, for Protection of Survivor/ Surviving Infant after Death of a Sibling Twin.
  • Some scholars maintain that they are also used as children's dolls as well as sometimes used as Fertility Dolls by Women who keep these Figures
    under their mattresses, or were worn under the skirts of Young Women to ensure Fertility. Scarifications and added clothing and strings of beads reveal
    Family and Clan Religious and Social Affiliations.
  • The Ewe live in a Coastal Area which extends through Ghana, Togo, Benin, up to the Nigerian Borders.
  • Measurements: 18×5×3 cm
  • Conidition: Fair; Wonderful old worn patina.