Antique Elephant Figure-06

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  • Antique Northern Thailand/ Burma Border Elephant Temple Guardian Figure Ca.1900-1940
  • Temple Guardian Elephant Figures are believed to represent the noble mythological Elephant popular in SE Asian folklore and religious belief.
  • In Traditional Culture, Elephants are important creatures of Myth and Folklore, and are believed to enter dreams as inspiration that we are able to deal with any obstacle and overcome it. Dream elephants represent power, sovereignty, stability, and stead-fastness. Folklore tells if you dream of riding an elephant, it might suggest you have a tendency to be the leader of family, and others are depending on you.
  • More symbolic meanings of Elephant images occur by observing nature. Specifically, the Elephant is considered a symbol of responsibility because it takes great care and nurture of its offspring as well as elders. The Elephant also has immense determination and loyalty - always defending other members of the herd in its natural habitat.
  • Folklore tells Elephants are also believed to express advanced sensitivity and social connection, particularly during time of death - they travel to a specific "Burial Ground" or "Graveyard" upon nearing their death - fulfilling personal responsibility - even at the end of their days.
  • Measure approx. 14"long x 6"tall x 4.5" wide
  • Materials: Wood, polychrome colors including black with traces of red pigment.
  • Condition: Painted surfaces have some paint loss from long term use and care.
  • Origin: Northern Thailand/ Burma Border