Dan Zakpai Mask, Côte d'Ivoire #546

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  • Dan Zakpai Mask, Côte d'Ivoire #546
  • Superb Dan Zakpai Mask, from the Western part of Cote d'Ivoire, border with Liberia.
  • Predominantly found in the Northern Dan Cultural Regions, the Zakpai Mask is translated to mean the ‘Fire Prevention Masquerade’. The Zakpai Mask appears during the Dry Season, and its function is to ensure that Women extinguish cooking fires after use to prevent afternoon winds spreading fire through the Village and Bush.
  • The shape of the mask is purely Dan, with a calm and serene expression.
  • Material : Wood, metal and metal plates, animal skin, felt, natural fibers.
  • Measurements: 25.5×13×8 cm; height without the beard : 23.5 cm; 9" approx.
  • Condition: Good. Worn and Ritually Used condition.
  • References: RAND AFRICAN ART: Dan - masks<br>Bibliography: THE ARTS OF THE DAN IN WEST AFRICA: Eberhard Fischer &amp; Hans Himmelheber and AFRICAN ART IN MOTION: ICON AND ACT IN THE COLLECTION OF KATHERINE CORYTON WHITE: Robert Farris Thompson