Chrysocolla 7mm Rondelle Bracelet with Gold Filled Trigger Clasp

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  • Chrysocolla 7mm Rondelle Bracelet with Gold Filled Trigger Clasp
  • Size approx. 6.25"
  • Bead size: 7mm
  • Strung on soft flex wire
  • Chrysocolla is a blue-green mineral that contains copper. One of the interesting features of Chrysocolla is that it is often found mixed with other secondary copper minerals such as Malachite, Azurite and Turquoise or with quartz. These mixtures provide interesting patterns and textures, and also make the final product harder and more durable than pure Chrysocolla.
  • Its name comes from Greek words – “chrysos,” for “gold,” and “kolla,” for “glue”. It is a name that the Greeks applied to minerals used for soldering gold, but the term came to be used to refer to various green copper-bearing minerals. Chrysocolla is often confused with Turquoise. It is found in Israel, Chile, England, and the United States. Traditionally in stone lore, Chrysocolla is said to alleviate fear, crystallize feelings of spiritually centered love, acceptance and tolerance toward others. Chrysocolla is also rumored as a stone of peace and tranquility. In some Native American cultures, it was believed to strengthen the body’s immune system.