Chromium Diopside Stretch Bracelet 12mm

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  • Chromium Diopside Stretch Bracelet 12mm
  • Bead Size: 12mm
  • Size : 6 3/4"
  • Chromium Diopside is colored by the mineral Chromium, the same element that gives Emerald its rich green color.
  • Gem Quality Chrome Diopside is mined almost exclusively in a region of Eastern Siberia known as Inagli—an area better known for its impressive Diamond deposits. In recent years, Chromium Diopside deposits have also been found in Pakistan.
  • In 1988, this “new” green gem from Siberia started to be seen in the Jewelry Industry and is sometimes referred to as “Siberian Emerald”.
    The resemblance of its color to Tsavorite Garnet, Chrome Tourmaline, and Emerald made it a standout, and the more affordable price made it popular.
  • Chrome Diopside as a gemstone may vary in its hues from greenish to blackish-green or to pure black.
  • Diopside and Dioptase seem like they might be closely related, they are really formed quite differently. Dioptase is a hydrated secondary Copper Mineral; Copper gives Dioptase it's beautiful shades of green and blue. Diopside is a Magnesium-Iron and Chromium-rich, causing the beautiful green colorations usually found in metamorphic rocks or sometimes Peridotites.
  • Stone Lore alleges Chromium Diopside aids with heart and lung health, and the proper circulation of blood. In view of the Chakras, Chromium Diopside is associated with the Heart Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra.