Carved Bone Pendant, Lion

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  • Carved Bone Pendant, Lion
    • In Traditional Chinese Cultural Beliefs, the Lion is considered to be a Brave and Intelligent animal and thus symbolizes Power and Majesty.
    • The Lion Dance is an ancient and popular custom based on the Lion being considered an Auspicious Animal.  It is believed that if a Lion can be enticed to enter one's gate, the household will enjoy Wealth and Treasures.
    • In Buddhism, the Lion acts as a Guardian of the Faith and a symbol of Royal Power.
    • Buddhist deities, such as Guanyin, are sometimes shown riding a Lion as a mount.
    • The Lion can also represent the Buddha, who among his repeated Births, was born 10 times as a Lion.
    • Measure Approx. 1 1/8" x 1"
    • Highly skilled traditional artisan hand carving from China