Buyu / Basikasingo Mask, Congo #32A

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  • Buyu / Basikasingo Mask, Congo #32A
  • Date/Period: Second half of 20th century
  • Origin: DRC, Congo
  • Materials: Wood, fibers, metal. Old copper wire repair around the chin of the Mask.
  • Dimensions: 12.2 Inch
  • Bordered by a thin crenelated beard, this modestly sized mask, depicts an angular face. According to the stories, the Boyos is of Luba descent, through an ancestor who emigrated with her brothers. Migratory flows have mixed within the same territories of the Bembe, Lega, Buyu (Buye) or Boyo, Binji, and Bangubangu. The Basikasingo, considered by some to be a Buyu sub-clan, are not, however, of Bembe origin, Biebuyck's work has made it possible to trace their history. Organized into lineages, they borrowed the Bwami association from the Lega. The bembé and boyo tribal traditions are relatively similar: they venerate the spirits of nature, of water specifically in the Boyo, but also the heroic ancestors, whose will is sought through divinatory rites. The hunt is also an opportunity to make sacrifices of gratitude to the entities from which one has begged for favor and protection.