Burmite "Root Amber" Graduated Rounds Strand

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  • The name "Root Amber" became popular to indicate a type of naturally forming cloudy dark colored Burmite with creamy swirls that resemble a fine wood grain. It was believed this Amber was formed near the roots of the trees, and took on their veiny, earthy texture. This natural rich swirl pattern is caused by Calcite intrusions. Root Amber was said to be highly valued in China in the 19th Century for a special carving technique in which the swirls, color variations and natural flaws were used to create dazzling effects similar to the finest of naturally occurring wood grains. 
  • Graduated beads sizes range from 7mm - 19mm 
  • Strand length approx. 20"
  • The strand is in the same configuration as it was found years ago in Yunnan, China.