Bulu Monkey Mask, Cameroon #211

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  • Bulu Monkey Mask, Cameroon #211
  • African monkey mask of the Bulu, Cameroon grasslands.
  • Old, very rare monkey mask of the Bulu. The Bulu people, who live in the border region between Cameroon and Gabon, belong to the large Fang family. Zoomorphic carved wooden mask in the shape of a gorilla head. The gorilla is important for the Bulu. It represents power and is used in initiation rituals as well as for protection and fertility.
  • This expressive piece of work is carved from heavy wood and colored with kaolin and a red color.
  • Measurements: Height: 23 cm ; Length/depth: 13.5 cm; Width. 17 cm.
  • The mask comes from the private collection of the ornithologist K. Kußmaul, Karlsruhe, and was acquired by him on his trips to Africa. It has a magnificent patina.