Baule Mami Wata Mask, Côte d'Ivoire #432

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  • Baule Mami Wata Mask
  • Mask with a feminine face and a very smooth expression. Magnificent representation of a Baule mask, which crest depicts a scene including Mami Wata.
  • When you first meet Mami Wata. three of Her characteristics immediately stick out. First is that She is half-human and half-fish, most often, resembling a Mermaid. Second is that She possesses long, flowing hair. The third is that She can charm snakes. Now this may seem odd, considering She is a water deity, but certain snakes (like anacondas) are aquatic creatures and can be found in the waters in and around Africa.
  • The Divinity, presented in the form of a Mermaid, is mastering a snake between Her hands.
  • Sculpture in a single piece of wood, of marvelous quality. Very beautiful polychromy.
  • Measurements:  40×22×12 cm
  • Mid to Late 20th Century
  • In excellent condition. 
  • Origin is Côte d'Ivoire