Baule Chieftain's Power Emblem/ Flywhisk Regalia Leopard Motif (3)

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  • Baule Chieftain's Power Emblem/ Flywhisk Regalia Leopard Motif (3)
  • Ca. 1940-50
  • Flywhisks in Africa served two functions, the first being used to prevent insects from alighting on people or food. They were also part of a Leader or Chieftain's Regalia, a symbol of Power and Authority that would accompany the Chieftain during most of his Official Duties.
  • Approx. 15 1/2" tall
  • Materials: finely carved and incised Hardwood with Real Gold Leaf expertly applied, Horse Hair and Fabric wrap.
  • Mounted on a custom made solid brass base.
  • From Cote d'Ivoire