Kongo / Bakongo Mask, Congo #181

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  • Kongo / Bakongo Mask, Congo #181
  • Materials: Beads, Bone, Glass, Nail, Wood 
  • Powerful mask made of bone and wood from the Bakongo tribe of DR Congo.
  • Stretching across the coasts of Gabon and the D.R. of Congo, the VILI, also called Loango, are famous for their artistic diversity.
  • Along with their neighbors, the Yombe, the Bakongo people had face Masks that were associated with the Spirit World. They were less common than their better known Fetish or Power Figures, but some Masks share the Magic Cavities and inserted Sacred Pastes or Bundles as those figures.
  • Good condition with a beautiful patina of use. Contains clear traces of wear and tear.