Attie Standing Ancestor Female Figure, Côte d'Ivoire

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  • Attie Female Ancestor Figure, Côte d'Ivoire
  • The Attie (Atyé, Akyé, Akié) are a People from Côte d'Ivoire, mainly established in the South of the Country, in the North of the City of Abidjan, quite near to the City of Anyama, in the Lagunes Region, located between Adzopé and Alepé
  • The Attie speak a Kwa language of the same name, Attie.
  • The Origins and Symbolisms of Attie Art remains unknown and little studied. However, they have developed a very accomplished Art Vocabulary. This highly accomplished art allows them to create Forms of Idealized Ancestors that serve as Supports of Reconciliation with the Gods.
  • Ancestor Figures are among the most worshipped and Cross Culturally Revered Figures. They protect the Family while maintaining the Cohesion of the Village, and represent the Social and Moral Heights one must strive to achieve.
  • We can note that for the Attie, as well as for their neighbors the Baule, the theme of Judgment is strongly present in the Statuary.
  • We can find this recurrence among them, through Artworks representing an "Ideal" Woman or a Man, Mother or Husband, Warrior or Leader, who is often Related to Royalty.
  • Measurements: 3×15×44 cm
  • Origin is Côte d'Ivoire