Apatite Bead Necklace on Gold Filled Chain and Gold Filled Spring Ring Clasp

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  • Apatite Gold Filled Chain Necklace with Gold Filled Spring Ring Clasp
  • Bead Size 10mm
  • Approx. 17" long
  • Handcrafted at Beads of Paradise NYC
  • Most apatite is found in Brazil, Burma, and Mexico.  Its unique crystal structure makes it softer than other stones, and is one gemstone mineral which is actually produced and used by the human body. From the point of view of mineralogy, apatite is a group of phosphate minerals, and large amounts of apatite are in human bones and smaller amounts are in rocks. Apatite and apatite-like minerals make up most of our teeth and bones
  • Apatite-rich rock is also the most important source of phosphorus in the world. Apatite is considered in stone folklore a great balancing stone and is thought to promote health and strength of teeth and bones.