Antique Coral Necklace with Gold Plated J-Hook Clasp

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  • Antique Coral Necklace with Gold Plated J-Hook Clasp
  • These amazing Heirloom Beads were collected in Mali, West Africa, where they are passed on thru generations of traditional women as High Level Dowry and Prestige Beads.
  • Approx. 25" long
  • Bead Size : Graduating 12mm x 5mm to 27mm x 18mm
  • Strung and Knotted on Silk Cord
  • Handcrafted at Beads of Paradise
  • Coral is created by millions of small organisms at the bottom of the ocean called polyps.  Each polyp builds up a limestone case around itself, which remains after it dies.  The casing becomes the basis for another polyp to build its home.  Slowly, after thousands of years, these casings build up into what we know as a coral reef.  Historically, material from these reefs were highly prized, and used to make jewelry and other ornamental objects.  However, because removing coral from these reefs is bad for ocean environments, there are strict regulations against removing coral from the ocean.  Most coral used today is grown in coral farms, rather than being taking from the ocean. Most precious coral is harvested in the Mediterranean Sea, especially in Sardinia. Deposits are also found in the Pacific, in Japan, Taiwan and Australia.  In contemporary stone lore, Coral is rumored to stimulate emotional healing and relieves stress.