San Miguel con los Animas

$ 4,500.00

  • San Miguel con los Animas
  • Saint Michael Appearing to the Souls in Purgatory
  • Late 19th Century Original Retablo Oil Painting on Tin created in Mexico.
  • Retablo dimensions are approx. 10inches vertical x 7 inches horizontal.
  • Condition: in excellent, clean, original condition with some minor paint loss acquired over more than a century of use and devotional prayer.
  • In Roman Catholicism Saint Michael has four distinct roles. First, he is the Enemy of Satan and the fallen angels. He defeated Satan and ejected him from Paradise, and will achieve victory at the hour of the final battle with Satan. Secondly, he is the Christian Angel of Death: at the hour of death, Saint Michael descends and gives each soul the chance to redeem itself before passing. Saint Michael's Third Role is weighing souls (hence the Saint is often depicted holding scales) on Judgment Day. And finally, Saint Michael is the Guardian of the Church.
  • Here, Saint Michael is shown in his Third Role, presiding over the Souls in Purgatory, with his Fiery sword in one hand and his Scale that Weighs Souls in the other.
  • Note from Brian: This wonderful retablo was purchased from my friend and venerable dealer James Eddy and is framed in an original large tin Nicho. The Nicho is glass faced with a hinge, and the back is structured with sleeves that allow a 10" x 7" retablo to slide in or out. Although the Nicho may not be original to the piece, it does fit extremely well and they were acquired as a set.