Rak Yom twin Kuman Thong Brothers Plastic Case Amulet

$ 28.00

  • Rak Yom Kuman Thong Plastic Case Amulet
  • Rak Yom are a Kuman Thong Twin Brothers, one named Rak and the other, Yom. Rak Yom Images are used in Banishing Fear Magic.
  • Rak Yom Images are legendary with people who worship Kuman Thong at their most desperate hours. In Mystical Circles, it is reported that they come out every night to dance and play. Some believers recall they saw "two kids", very cheerful full of laughter , jumping and dancing in room when the observers were direly ill or bedridden.
  • Measures approx. 2" x 1 1/4" x 3/4"
  • These two Guman Thong are believed Merciful to Business Owners and offer Their protection. Thai people believe that if you treat Kuman Thong well, you will never live in poverty. That's means the owner must offer the Two Spirits sets of food or snacks, because they come as Twins. "Just treat them like kids"; Love and Honor Them.
  • Origin is Thailand.