Kuman Thong with the Kumari Thong Amulet

$ 22.00

  • Kuman Thong with the Kumari Thong Amulet
  • Kuman Thong figures come from ancient traditional Thai Animist and Magical Beliefs. Popular Thai folklore tells the story that the original Kuman Thong came from children who died whilst still in their mother's womb. Practitioners of Magic would adopt these stillborn babies as their own children, and in turn, the spirit of the Kuman Thong would then become their Warrior Guardian and Protector.
  • This beautifully cast bronze pendant shows the Kuman Thong with the Kumari Thong. The Thai translation is "the Golden Boy (Kuman) / Girl (Kumari) Thong (Golden).
  • Materials: Hand cast bronze hand wrapped as a pendant with brass wire.
  • Size : Measures approx.  1 1/4" x 5/8" x 3/8"
  • Origin is Thailand