African Antique Bronze 19th Century Senufo Hornbill Pendant

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  • African Antique Bronze 19th Century Senufo Hornbill Pendant
  • This fine antique pendant showing extensive use and age with a dark smooth patina.
  • Measures approx. 1.75" height from foot to bale. 2.78" length mouth to tail.
  • The pendant has a gorgeous horizontal balance as the artist balanced the weight of the long phallic beak with the beautiful shaping of the feet and tail.
  • Collected in a Senufo Village on the outskirts of Korhogo in the Northern Cote d"Ivoire.
  • According to Senufo belief, the Hornbill, along with the Tortoise, the Crocodile, the Chameleon, and the Serpent - was one of the first living creatures. All of these animals are associated with Longevity and Endurance. The image of this bird is taken from the native yellow-casqued Hornbill, which the Senufo believe is the master of all arrogant birds and associated with intellectual power, significant of the knowledge the Elders hope to impart on the young initiates.
  • Cast by the lost wax method, a model is hand-shaped in beeswax. Once completed, wax rods are attached to it and the entire model is encased in layers of fine clay. The structure is then heated, and the melted wax runs out through the channels made by wax rods. Molten metal is poured into the mold, and left to cool. Upon proper cooling and resting, the mold is broken and the piece resulting is unique and original.