Adan Vodun Altar Figure, Ghana #330

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  • Adan Vodun Altar Figure, Ghana #330
  • This Figure is a ritual object of the Vodun Religion, used by the Adan People, who speak the Adangbe / Ada language from Ghana, and who live near the Togo border.
  • These Adan Figures embody the diverse Deities associated to Hunting, also common to the Yoruba and to the Ewe.
  • Regarding their use, these Figures are found on specific Altars, or seen grouped in a basket and dressed with a piece of cloth, like the Venavi of the Ewe People.
  • Measurements: 20×5×5 cm
    Condition: Good
    Bibliography: Aklama,Helping Spirits of the Ewe and Dangme People, from the Study collection of Horst Antes.