Jing Jok Lucky Gambler's Gecko Amulet

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  • Jing Jok Folklore:
  • The ‘Jing Jok’ (Gecko) is a magical animal that has appeared in Thai mythical beliefs since the pre-Buddhist times of Animism. In Thai folklore, people would say that if you hear a Gecko greet you when you walk out of the house, that you will be blessed with lucky windfalls, and other auspicious blessings. A powerful Love Charm, the Jing Jok might also attract all the boys or girls you want running after you. Popular lore says the Gecko is a powerful protector against Black Magic, as the Sorcery within the Gecko itself is so high. For those dabbling in Games of Chance, the Jing Jok is a highly reputed amulet for increasing your fortunes, and is one of the favorite talismans of the Perpetual Gambler. Merchants and Business People believe the Jing Jok could wield power to improve business deals and transactions.
  • Measure Approx. 2 1/8" long
  • Material: hand cast brass
  • Origin is Thailand