2nd Century Ptolemaic Eye Bead Necklace

$ 3,800.00

  • Authentic Ptolemaic 2nd to 4th century AD hand wound and inlaid Eye Beads
  • Carried along important Islamic Trade Routes from Persia to Egypt into Sudan and The West African Kingdom of Mali.
  • These extremely fine examples come from Mali in West Africa where they are highly valued Heirloom Beads and Prestige Currency. A necklace of this length and quality would have been collected bead by bead over a period of years, sometimes decades.
  • Strand Length : Approx. 54"
  • Bead Size : 7 x  5mm to 16 x 13mm
  • This collection of extremely rare and valuable beads remains in the same configuration as it was purchased in Mali, West Africa years ago. The beads have been lovingly re-strung on a fresh cotton cord by our New York City staff.