19th Century Ayigalu Lingam Shrine Box, B

$ 450.00

  • 19th Century Ayigalu Lingam Shrine Box, B
  • Silver lingam boxes such as these, some of which are suspended from necklaces of pure silver plated wire, were worn by wealthier lay members of the Lingayat sect, devoted to Hindu Lord Shiva. Each box once carried a Jangama Lingam. The Lingam Stone which this beautiful box enshrined was comprised of a small piece of stone carved by an amulet specialist. On finishing the Ligman Stone, it would have been covered in a dark, protective compound to activate it's power. This Lingam Stone would have been created only for the individual, and was required to be protected and guarded, hence the use for a protective box such as this one.
  • Approx. 47" long
  • From South India