Naga "Coral Glass" Hand Wound Heirloom Beads 1

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  • Hand-wound Naga "Coral Glass" Heirloom Beads were originally hand wound glass trade beads created in the late 19th century up until the mid 20th century in China, and made to resemble precious coral. These richly colored beads were later traded among Naga people in Northern India and Burma. Because of their rarity and desirability, they became treasured heirlooms among the Naga people, and were often strung with other indigenous Naga heirlooms, like this large brass pendant currency object.
  • Bead Approx. 10mm x 12mm to 16mm x 18mm
  • Length Approx. 28"
  • Chinese hand-wound glass beads made to resemble coral, strung on a cotton cord with added Indian and African trade beads. Used by Naga people as Heirloom and High Prestige Beads.