Garnet 3mm Faceted Rounds

$ 42.00

  • Garnet 3mm Faceted Rounds
  • Approx. 15.5" long
  • Price is for ONE SINGLE STRAND only.
  • The gemstone Garnet is the official birthstone for January and is also the stone for the Zodiac sign Aquarius.
  • The name Garnet comes from the Latin word "granatus", which means grain, because many garnet deposits are small grains of red crystals in their host rock. Garnet refers to a group of minerals that can appear in many colors.
  • Some of the main Garnet types are: Rhodolite – purple; Hessonite – brown/orange; Spessartite – red; Mandarine – orange; Demantoid – light green; and Tsavorite – dark green.
  • The highest-quality Garnets are found in Brazil, China, Kenya, Madagascar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and the United States.
  • According to traditional Stone Lore, red/purple Garnets are associated with love, friendship, and controlling one’s anger; green Garnets with peace and serenity; and orange Garnets with creativity.