Ensemble 2: Vintage Shamanic Magic Tiger Cloth with Hilltribe Earrings and Shawl, African Celluloid Beads and Balinese Sarong - Each Item Sold Separately

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Vintage Shamanic Magic Tiger Ceremonial Banner (ca. Mid 20th Century):

- 40.5" Long x 21.5" Wide 

- 100% Handwoven Cotton w/ Acrylic Edging and Woven Embroidery

- Possibly dedicated to the Mythical Phu Jao Seua Saming Prai Tiger Spirit. The "Super Tiger" or "Magic Tiger" also represents Power, Skill, Strength and Prowess and is also seen in many classical Temple and Religious settings throughout South East Asia.

- Made by Hilltribe people in Vietnam 

- Condition: Excellent

- Each Item Sold Separately

Zig Zag Sarong:

- 94" Long x 40" Wide

- Cotton/Rayon Blend

- Made in Bali, Indonesia

AVAILABLE in more colors

- Each Item Sold Separately

Hilltribe Crocheted Earrings

- Approx. 6 1/2" drop from ear

- Handmade in Thailand by Hilltribe cooperatives

African Celluloid Disc Beads

-Original Heirloom Waist Beads used by Fulani women as  traditional waist decoration. These unusual flat disc shaped beads were much beloved in West Africa for their exotic material (resembling indigenous coconut shell disc shape beads but much thinner and finer), their intensity of color, and the sinuous, snake-like movement and appearance when worn on the body.

-Approx. 36.5" /Long, approx. 14mm wide.

-Original German Celluloid Discs created in the early 1900's, traded into Nigeria.

- Each Item Sold Separately

Hilltribe Embroidered Shawl

-68.5" Long X 14.5" Wide

-Handwoven Rayon w/ Silk Embroidery

-Made by Hilltribe groups in Laos

- Each Item Sold Separately

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