Yoruba Ifa Divination Offering Figure, Nigeria #15

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  • Yoruba Ifa Divination Offering Figure, Nigeria #15
  • Date/Period: Second half 20th century
  • Origin: Nigeria
  • Measurements: 14.17 Inch
  • Condition: Excellent, Fine and Authentic.
  • The main Yoruba Cults are the Gelede, Epa, Ogboni, and the Worship of Esu, through which a very wide variety of Deities intervene. In the Yoruba Pantheon, Orunmila is the Deity "Orisa" that is consulted in case of problems through Divination Ifà .
  • Kneeling Female figures are Iconic in Yoruba Religious Art. In this pose, the Figure represents a Supplicant before the Orisha, or Deity, on whose Altar it is placed. The image beautifies the Altar and thereby Honors the Orisha.
  • Yoruba Figures are sometimes shown kneeling, "a position of Respect, Devotion, and even Submission to the Gods. This posture is appropriate [because] most Women in Yoruba sculptures represent Royal Wives or Worshippers, not Gods themselves" (Cole 1985, 19).
  • This type of Figure with a cup meant to contain Sacred Palm Nuts was used in Divination Rites. Focused on the Veneration of its Gods, or Orisha, Yoruba Religion relies on artistic sculptures with Coded Messages (Aroko). They are designed by sculptors at the request of followers, Soothsayers and their customers. These spirits are supposed to intercede with the Supreme God Olodumare.