Turkmen Amulet Case Mountain Shape Antique-20

$ 3,800.00

  • Turkmen Amulet Case Mountain Shape Antique-20
  • Approx. 24" long
  • Measure Approx. 5" long(top to bottom of the bells) x 6" wide x 3/4" thick
  • Fine Tribal Antique circa Early to Mid 20th Century.
  • Perfect Condition in Museum Quality.
  • Significant in size and weight, traditional Turkmen jewelry objects were made of fine silver, decorated with semi-precious stones, and sometimes gilded with near pure gold for an added color effect and increased value.
  • In addition to the protective benefits of the fine silver metal itself, the semi-precious stones that embellish the jewelry are also imbued with protective powers. Cabochons of Carnelian, a rich red colored Agate stone, are popular because they are believed to protect the wearers from illness and death. Carnelian is also believed to promote strong, healthy blood and ease in childbirth. Turquoise is less commonly used among the Turkmen, but serves as a symbol of purity and chastity. In some cases, less expensive glass beads of the same colors are used instead of semi-precious stones.
  • Collected in Afghanistan in the 1960's by a renowned Afghani Family dealing in Traditional Afghan Arts and Treasures. Purchased by Beads of Paradise NYC in 2017.