Tikar Forest Magic Pygmy Figure, Cameroon #150 1

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  • Tikar Forest Magic Pygmy Figure, Cameroon #150 1
  • Figure of the Tikar Ethnic Group in Cameroon circa 1950, made of dense and heavy wood (1 kg 900 g)
  • A complex and detailed piece, the figure  is standing with hands on belly. The face, torso, limbs are expressed with fluidity and power.
  • Measurements: 24 cm x 12 cm x 15 cm
  • Excellent condition.
  • Provenance: From a private Belgian Collection, recently in Estate.
  • The People of the Cameroon Region are noted for their high level of Artistry, and as with their neighbors, the Bamum, Bamileke, the Tikar excel with their imaginative conceptual sculptures.
  • This Figure is believed to represent a Spirit of the Pygmy People of the Cameroon Forests. There are currently around 120,000 People of Pygmy Descent in the World, with most living in Cameroon's Forested Region near the Atlantic Coast.
  • The Tikar People believe(d) that these Figures possess Mystical Spirits and Powers derived from the Forests where the Pygmy People live(d). The Figures were revered for Protection and as Fertility Figures, which are also believed to benefit their Harvests.
  • Cameroon has more than 240 Tribal Bases, which are found in three main Ethnic Groups; Bantus, Semi-Bantus and Sudanese. The number of national languages spoken in the Country is more than 240.
  • Speaking a language called "Mabi," or "Mabea," which is specific to them, Pygmy People have Poems and Epic Stories which are passed on by the Generations.
  • Worshipping One Single God called "Komba" and believing everything was created by Him, the Pygmy People also believe in an Afterlife.
  • As they believe that the Souls of their Ancestors are everywhere, they conserve dead bodies inside tree barks and caves.