Rare Large Lega "Wasesile Wise Kuboku" Statue, Congo #44

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  • Rare Large Lega "Wasesile Wise Kuboku" Statue, Congo #44
  • Lega statuettes are generally quite small, this one is an exception with its 17 1/2 inches. Usually, those with one or both arms raised represent the judge, Kasungalala.
  • This one was called Wasesile Wise Kuboku or Waise, which personifies the following aphorism: "you had cut off your brother's hand, you didn't know there would be an attack on you". 
  • These statuettes generically called Iginga were used in the cult of the Bwami, an association that organized the social structure and ensured the stability of the Lega community. The Lega are a Bantu forest people of Central Africa, established in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in the provinces of South Kivu and Maniema.
  • Material: Wood, textile
  • Measurements: About 17 1/2 inches high, 18 1/2 " with the base
  • Condition : Very good with great wear, patina and attachments
  • Circa 1920-40's