Persian Trade Amber Necklace/Strand

$ 3,690.00 $ 2,952.00

  • These Extraordinary Baltic Amber Trade Beads circulated as Dowry Currency and High Prestige Beads for several hundred years in the Middle East over Islamic Silk, Gold and Spice Trade Routes from Northern Europe through Turkey, then to Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. The beads are in their natural raw nugget form.
  • Consisting of raw Baltic Amber Nuggets with decades of patina having been worn as prized Heirloom Beads. Found in Afghanistan
  • Graduated beads range from 9mm - 50mm in size
  • Strand length approx. 28"
  • The purveyors and merchants of Baltic Amber would usually export cloudier Ambers abroad as inferior or less desirable. When true, natural examples of this exported Amber were received in Asian destinations such as China, Nepal, Tibet and as far as Mali, West Africa and the Middle East, this cloudy material (with it's rich color variations and warm hues) was much preferred to clear Amber. The natural Baltic cloudy Ambers became the traditional standard of beauty and quality in these areas, and entered their cultural vernaculars as the highly valued, precious Prestige and Heirloom commodity it remains to this very day.
  • This Heirloom Strand of extraordinary quality and beauty was found in Afghanistan many years ago and remains in the original configuration as it was used and cherished.