Tamba Heirloom Waist/ Necklace Beads 3

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  • Original Tamba Heirloom Waist/ Necklace Beads 3
  • Used by the Baule of Central Cote d"Ivoire as Prestige Adornment
  • A Tamba is a traditional multi stranded waist/ sometimes neck adornment seen in several Tribal Groups in West Africa. This Tamba is composed of multi-stranded Bohemian glass "Tile" Trade Beads from the Early to Mid 20th Century that in past African History were used as an important and exotic trade commodity throughout West and East Africa. These wonderful "Tile" beads are even more special as they were made in a finish called "Greasy Glass"; a highly polished dense color glass that reflects light from the surface that appears "wet", or "Greasy".
  • Young women of a Marriageable Age might adorn their waists with these stunning multi-strand creations to enhance their natural beauty and to draw a potential suitor's eye and attention.
  • Approx. 30" long 
  • Bead Approx. 6mm to 7mm "Tile" style Trade Beads in special "Greasy Glass"
  • Mid 20th Century
  • Origin is Baule People in Cote d'Ivoire