Dogon Gneiss/ Granite with Fulani Dowry Amber 8 Strand Bracelet

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  • Dogon Gneiss/ Granite with Fulani Dowry Amber 8 Strand Bracelet
  • Approx Measurements: 7 1/2” beads 20” braided total
  • Hand braided on durable waxed linen cord meant to be manually tied in an overhand knot to the wrist.
  • Extremely Rare Dogon 16th - 18th Century Gneiss/ Granite Beads from Mali.
  • Beads of this high quality, unusual size and extreme rarity were of the highest level of African Prestige / Status Beads and would have been greatly valued passed down through Generations of Families of Rank and Importance. 
  • The bracelet also features authentic Baltic Amber beads traded in North and West Africa for the past 300 years or longer. 
  • Baltic Amber has been traded in Africa for hundreds of years and has been particularly cherished for its rich yellow orange butterscotch color. These important historical beads became part of Traditional Dowry Wealth.
  • Three black and white "Eye Beads" of significant use and wear are also in place at both ends of the bracelet.
  • This bracelet was created in a Signature Style used in Beads of Paradise NYC since the Early 1990's. Even at that time, Rare Dowry Amber, Gneiss and Venetian Gem Glass that originated in Dogon Areas of Mali were considered extremely valuable and the height of African Heirloom Jewelry.