Chamba Couple Sculpture, Nigeria #981

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  • Chamba Couple Sculpture, Nigeria #981
  • A Chamba Couple from northern Nigeria, united by a "band" under which two individual feet support the whole pair. Nevertheless, the posture of both figures and also the facial expression with the open mouth suggest that they were held in a movement, probably in dance; age patina with a few small cracks on the reverse.
  • The term "Couple" suggests the presence of a bond that joins two elements together. Although Western social conventions have conceived of such pairing as comprising a man and a woman, the term also can be applied to two persons or forces paired together. Both a quintessential human desire to seek out unions with other human beings and the duality of the human condition have been the source of philosophical speculation since antiquity.' (Echoing Images - Couples in African Sculpture, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 2004, p. 9).
  • Measurements: Height, 44cm; 17.3" height
  • Condition: Very Good