Black Opal Ethiopian Small Graduated Rondelles

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  • Black Opal Ethiopian Small Graduated Rondelles
  • Beads 2 - 4mm
  • Approx. 18" long
  • Make this Gem Strand Into A Necklace
  • The Stayish Black Opal Mine, active since 2013, is located in the Wollo province of Northern Ethiopia. Like the White Opal, the Black Opal is found at the contact zone between the volcanic rock series and the underlying clay-rich layer.
  • Ethiopian opals are often less expensive than Australian Opals, mainly because they are newly found and attempting to thrive in a competitive market. They remain a customer favorite and it's easy to see why: they dazzle, sparkle, and mesmerize for a good price.
  • Ethiopian Opal Metaphysical Properties are believed to be an Emotional Intensifier, enhancing the True Nature of those who wear it. Some say it strengthens the Will to Live and shields the wearer Against Negativity, burning off Karma.
  • Sold by the strand. Price is for ONE STRAND ONLY
  • Origin is Ethiopia