Baule Goli Pulley, Cote d'Ivoire #901

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  • Baule Goli Pulley, Cote d'Ivoire #901
  • A Baule Goli pulley with a long neckpiece leading to the faceplate with round button eyes and square mouth, with incorporated leather strap and cord, richly decorated with a dark patina.
  • In the art of the Baule, decorations have a meaning and can be found on everyday objects such as vessels, staffs and today's heddle seat. These objects are still used in weaving the dense, colorful fabrics that characterize Central West Africa, and artisans seldom miss an opportunity to decorate these everyday objects with naturalistic or geometric motifs, elevating them into outstanding works of art in their own right.
  • Measurements: 23cm tall
  • Condition: Fair