Date Wood Hand Carved Tiny Skull Mala 5-6mm

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    • Date Wood Hand Carved Tiny Skull Mala
    • Bead approx. 5mm x 6mm
    • Strand approx. 25"
    • Strung on nylon cord
    • There are many symbols that carry a weight of meaning in Traditional Buddhist Belief and Practice. The Lotus Flower, The Wheel of the Law or Dharma, The Footprints of The Buddha and Vishnu, and the Skull are some of the most significant. Mala beads carved into these symbolic shapes help devotees concentrate upon their meanings during Prayer and Meditation. Skulls traditionally represent Transition and the Impermanence of Life and the Limits of Human Knowledge and Bodily Power. As a symbol, it communicates that Death is a part of the Natural Law and Passage of Time. Skull beads and symbols help remind us to reflect upon the Inevitability of Death and the necessity of embracing lives filled with love and compassion.
    • Skull Beads are Hand Carved in Tibet and Nepal